I peruse Instagram sometimes daily. For inspiration, to comment and like in hopes of drawing people to my profile and on this particular day it was the same, wandering through and a few capturing my attention so click on the ‘Follow’ button. I saw one I was particularly interested in, attractive and she was a dancer, but as it turns out she was from Florida and since the commute would’ve killed me, note sarcasm, I moved on.

Funny thing is several days later I receive an email from someone named Sabrina, who was interested in doing some photos with me as she was on Guam for several months and would I like to do some work with her. She sent some links to her online port. I put it aside with a note that I needed to look at it later as I was headed to a shoot, that evening whilst downloading from the shoot earlier, I decided to follow-up on requests, emails, etc. When I get to the email from a Sabrina, I was taken aback, it was the Instagram profile I had looked at earlier, What were the chances?!

Well to make a long story short, I know too late, I contacted her we scheduled a shoot a week later and now here it is about a month later and we’ve shot a couple of times, I’ve had her on some group shoots with local shooters, and she’s done a promo modeling gig with my modeling group! What a lovely coincidence, I would say it was serendipitous! Enjoy the photos, as much as we enjoyed creating them!

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