the jessica study

What started as a birthday shoot for one of the jlb (j’aime la belle model management) girls turned into another ‘study’. That question was posed to me as to what exactly a ‘study’ is, well in art a study is done prior to finishing a piece no matter what your art maybe in this case my medium is photography. The study is performed so as to understand the challenges you may have with respect to the medium, lighting, posing, etc, and/or the equipment, its limitations, its pros & cons and challenges that may or may not arise with the particular subject.

I have found that while doing a ‘study’ I have derived images that I may not have been able to see previously. I usually begin by guiding at first then showing outcomes here and there and it slowly evolves into a much more collaborative effort in this case as the model moves and tries different things, the mood, the music and the conversation push forward the ‘study’ and we are able to collaborate.

The wonderful thing about the past couple studies is that I have been experimenting with my new Fujifilm XF50 f/2. I finally purchased this lens as I was having issues with my Fujifilm XF56 f/1.2, one of my favorite lenses. But pairing that with my Fujifilm X-Pro2 was causing the ‘turn camera off and on’ error even after sending my camera back to Fujifilm in NJ. They indicated they found nothing and sent it back after a cleaning and re-installation of the newest firmware.

These are a few from yesterday’s study with Jessica. enjoy!

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