the olivia study

As I continue on with my various studies of the girls, I find and re-discover the obvious. The uniqueness of every girl moves me to want to continue on and perhaps branch out in a different direction with the studies I’m not quite sure as to what yet I just know that it will still be black and white. That is the unifying theme other than the fact that all of the subjects are female. I have explored rapport and growth. I want to continue on without restriction and without necessarily guiding the process so much as just giving a general guideline and going from that point.

I may already have the baseline of what I’m looking for and photos of what I can use as samples, so I continue the studies. I have gotten to where I will give a general idea that gives the models a start and we go from there and it can be a truly collaborative effort. The following ones of Olivia are where I start going into a much more broader idea of my project. Enjoy!


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