the sabrina study

I peruse social media every so often especially Instagram since I am of course a visual artist. I wander through to inspire me to ‘like’ & ‘comment’ in hopes of increasing my presence on that medium.

I found Sabrina, though I didn’t know that was her name at the time on Instagram, pretty girl I thought to myself and would love to shoot, then I saw that she was in Florida and that was probably too far of a commute for me so shooting her was out of the question so I moved on.

A few days later I get a notification of a new email and I see it’s someone looking to model for me, I get emails, messages etc. like that fairly often so I didn’t check the email right away and continued on with editing. After a quick break I go through my messages and I check the email and see that a young lady is in town a Sabrina, is here temporarily and if I was interested she was looking to model and she points me to her online portfolio on Instagram and lo and behold it was the same person I was ‘online stalking’ earlier.

Anyway, fast forward to several months and we’ve become a great muse that I can bounce ideas off of and we’ve been able to collaborate on some good ideas! Here are a few from the studies I’ve been doing of the jlb models. enjoy!

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